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American Assn for Nude Recreation
American Association for Nude Recreation


American Association
Nude Recreation, Western Region


The Naturist Society (TNS)



AANR is looking for some volunteers who will share their joy for nude recreation with others by blogging.  Volunteers should possess good writing skills and good judgment, and be willing to donate 15 minutes a day, once or twice a week, posting around AANR-provided weekly themes.  AANR will provide training and answer any question.  You will blog in your own words about your personal experience wherever the themes take you.  This is a great way to share your experiences with other nudists and to encourage wavering wannabe's.  Check out, it's new, improved website, to see what other have already written.


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We are a large, active, and FUN non-landed nudist travel club.  We do not own our own resort, but meet at members’ homes, nudist resorts, and nude beaches.  We currently have about 75 members from all walks of life, most residing in the Southern California area.  Although we have activities from Los Angeles County to San Diego County, most of our members and activities are in Orange and Riverside Counties.  We are a 100% AANR club, which means that all full members must also belong to AANR and AANR-West.  Our membership is open to all singles and couples over the age of 18.


We are an active social club and offer a great variety of activities.  We usually have two scheduled events every month.  During our long, gorgeous California summers, we have a lot of pool parties and group outings to local landed clubs and nudist resorts.  We also offer picnics, camping, and nude Palm Springs weekends.  In the cooler months, we schedule indoor theme and holiday parties, which often include potlucks, BBQ’s, board games, and (our favorite) hot tubs.  In addition to nude events, we also arrange trips to museums, concerts, and plays for a well-rounded social calendar.  Our events provide a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy social nude recreation and to experience the support of a like-minded group.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS:  (Click for current schedule)

FIRST-TIME VISITORS:  Please inquire about our free pass for first-time website visitors.  Contact us for details.

NATIONAL AFFILIATIONS:  We are proudly affiliated with:


     AANR – the American Association for Nude Recreation


     AANR West – the Western Region of AANR; includes California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Hawaii


     TNS – The Naturist Society

    NOTE:  Membership in AANR and AANR West is required. 
Membership in TNS is optional, but highly recommended.


bullet You have access to nudist clubs all over the world, most at reduced fees.

We arrange for special club discounts at local nudist resorts.

bullet You can join AANR through us at discounted rates below their national rate
to join individually.
bullet You are also able to join or renew your TNS membership through us.
bullet You will receive our monthly newsletter, which contains articles of interest
regarding the nudist lifestyle and promotes the nudist philosophy.
bullet We provide our members with a safe and non-threatening social atmosphere
in which they may freely practice the nudist lifestyle, share experiences with
other nudists, and establish enduring friendships.

HOW TO JOIN - To become a Provisional Member:

bullet Just complete our application (Click for application)
bullet Mail with the appropriate fees (TOTAL = Singles: $50 / Couples: $85).
bullet For more information, see the Membership Application.
bullet You will begin receiving our monthly newsletter immediately.

    Our mailing list is strictly confidential and used ONLY to:


Distribute our monthly newsletter.


Contact members on club business.


bullet Annual membership dues are $35 for Singles, or $55 for Couples.
bullet There is also a one-time $15 per person non-refundable processing fee,
which includes your name badge(s).
bullet AANR dues are $38 per single, or $68.50 per couple.


We welcome your inquiries and interest in the Olympian Club. 
If you would like more information or have any questions:
bullet e-mail us at
bullet or use the following snail mail address:

The Olympian Club
P. O. Box 70687
Riverside, CA 92513


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